Worldwide Holiday costs Barometer 

Find the destinations where your holidaypurse will stretch furthest

The 10th annual Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer from Post Office Travel Money brings encouraging news of lower costs in a number of the world’s most popular resorts and cities.  The biggest falls among the 42 destinations surveyed are in long haul holiday hotspots, while prices in most European resorts have risen.  However, eight of the 10 best value places in this year’s barometer are filled by European destinations.

Prices are down in over 40 per cent of the destinations surveyed, with falls of over 20 per cent in eight holiday hotspots including Dubai, New Zealand, St Lucia and Antigua. 

The Post Office Barometer monitors the price of eight tourist items – comprising dinner for two with wine, a range of drinks, suncream and insect repellent

Check 2018 prices in popular European destinations

Travel Money 2018 - Top European destinations

42 destinations were surveyed for the Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer with prices provided by national and local tourist boards. In the case of long haul destinations, these were cross checked with data provided by the specialist tour operator Travelbag.
Post Office Travel Money conducted its own online and telegraph research to ensure the validity of all data published.

Where's the cheapest holiday destination?

  1. Bulgaria (Sunny Beach) £37.92
  2. Japan (Tokyo) £43.14
  3. Portugal (Algarve) £44.25
  4. Czech Republic (Prague) £53.40
  5. South Africa (Cape Town) £54.95
  6. Spain (Costa del Sol) £55.20
  7. Turkey (Marmaris) £55.65
  8. Cyprus (Paphos) £57.72
  9. Croatia (Porec) £61.54
  10. Hungary (Budapest) £65.39
  11. Vietnam (Hoi An) £65.85
  12. Indonesia (Bali) £66.61